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Skyla Mac Plandemic is bring hip hop to a Major Social Awareness  

Skyla Mac will be Releasing his latest project “ Plandemic “  this is a project to provoke a social change in todays society . Corona virus has crippled America’s vibrant  lifestyle  ,  economy and libraries the media refer to the current crisis as a Pandemic with a heavy dose of fear .  The media claims the virus is spreading and the death toll is at a all time high but the through research and frustrated doctors we come to find out that if you get sick or die from anything hospitals are being payed more to say its the corona virus . ..Whoa!!!...  Now this where the Plandemic starts the over exaggeration of the corona virus for maximum profits , its abundance of fake coronavirus cases and fake death tolls. Let talk about the real plan  “the Plandemic “  the state of vaccines its seem like they had this planned from the start to make matters even more skeptical a war is brewing between the US and China .  Now if you been studying this country tactics when its in financial troubles that’s when the war starts ..... Fear , chaos , bad economy,  high unemployment rate these are aspects of a cold war  and a Great Depression . The Plan ....  they gone use this situation to mandate vaccines across the country to depopulate the earth for more control they call it “The New World Order . This is a direct result of greed because we have became a capitalist culture we praise the ppl with the most money now the ppl with the most money feel they can dictate our freedom and liberties while making major profits off the vaccines. Skyla Mac shed light on all this and bringing awareness to the ppl . Mac also provides solutions in this song called “Plandemic “ it really hits home ...  listen to the track below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

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