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skyla Mac dawn on hip hip with mactober

Skyla Mac Has Dawned on the Hip Hop World with His Latest “Mactober” 

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” 

Who knows better than Arnold Schwarzenegger what hardships do to make us strong? What you read above is his own reflection and the meaning of it in all dimensions and facets apply to Skyla Mac.  

You ask who Skyla Mac is? He is the new dawn on the hip-hopworld and is ready to spread his shine with his latest release Mactober. But this isn’t all about him. Let’s know who he really is and what makes him what he is.  

Skyla Mac As We Know Him  

Born and raised in Newark, The Hoodaville Section, New Jersey, Skyla Mac normally goes by the name Jamil Williams. The area is plagued by crime, but little did he know that the very hardships he was facing there would bring him into the limelight – just like a diamond polished out of scrap.  

As it is the norm of the neighborhood he lived in, hardships were paralleled and countered by struggles and struggle is what took Skyla Mac to the height of fame he is reigning on now.  

It all started when he was imprisoned by the local police for unprecedented events. Coming back to his place after his release was not something to be cherished as his team had lost its potential and every member was on his own to tackle what was coming in their lives. That broke his heartbut didn’t break his spirit to work ahead and show the world what he is made of.  

Why did his team lose its potential or why didn’t they carry on when Skyla was out of the scene is another debate. Everyone had his own life, but things were not this bad when they were together.  

Sun shone and music gods were kind on them from the very start of their group. This is when Mac was an integral part of it. The group was called UG and they had released one successful project together. After that,the group separated and Skyla went to prison.  

A New Era 

It was 2013 when Skyla Mac came back to his studio after completing his prison sentence and started recording. But the lack of interest of his friends made him realize that it was time for him to move to a new place to start his own solo career.  

He did move to Charlotte, NC and started to create a new music circle in that area.  

Things ultimately started to prove good and the first opportunity that he received to outshine others was when he teamed up with Rashad Halley, his cousin who also goes by the name 10Bands, and DJ Champ, a DJ from Newark, based in Charlotte.  

The trio produced a mixtape named Get Right OR Get Left, which immediately took off to the sky by garnering huge profits. The streets embraced this original by all their hearts and as much as 30,000 were sold in the first 3 weeks. This success skyrocketed Skyla’s success.  

That’s not the only feather in his cap. His dedication to music and his newfound fame took landed him a spot on POWER 105.1 with DJ Self. That was the ultimate crux of his career and he seized the moment as anyone should have. He delivered a stellar performance and that, too, live to the amusement of DJ Self. In just one take, he set new records of hip-hopartistry.  

You see, unlike other artists who first go for pre-recording to stay on the safe side, Skyla went heads first and delivered a live performance. Possibly, this is why he secured his next venture. 

DJ Kay Slay was the person who set up his next person after listening to his live rap on POWER 105.1. He gave him a chance to showcase his talent on SHADE 45. The exclusive interview he gave there proved to be crucial in making his journey easy ahead. But not just an interview, his song Fly Women Onlycame as a surprise and it made an equal impact on the listeners.  

After that came another chance to stay on the number 1 slot. Skyla Mac teamed up with Raekwonand Sheek Louch to create No. 401K. As said, this song topped all charts and became the signature song of Skyla Mac.  


Now as we see Skyla Mac, he’s up to a releasing a new album this month called Mactober.Fans all over the world are eyeing the release of this album because they know that the artist won’t disappoint them at all.  

It can be said that this album would make a stern statement on the hip-hopcharts and that’s not a fantasy. Anyone like Skyla who has been performing well throughout would definitely perform well this time.  

Who thought someone like him, who hasbeen born and raised in Newark, surrounded by crime would soar so high that he will dawn on the hip-hopworld with a new zeal. Who thought he would create a whole new place for himself in an already established industry governed by cut-throat competition. No matter what he faced and how he came forward, what’s most important now is that he is here to stay for the times to come.  

Mactober is awaited not only by fans all over the world, but also the hip-hopgurus who are always searching for something best – a new talent that will set others free by showing them a way to come forward. A way that is guided by motivation, resilience, and commitment.  

It seems that the artist does not plan to stay on one stop, but work ahead to keep on progressing. In addition to the album, he is working parallel on corresponding music videos to be released soon. 

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  • Mack Sul
    Mack Sul South Ward
    Congrats bro keep pushing you need track reach out Brick City

    Congrats bro keep pushing you need track reach out Brick City

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