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 Verse of the a year

Verse of the a year

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Make a Play 

Make a Play ..Is a smooth edgy project with a witty flow and poetic lyricism as skyla Mac bring you a catchy street tail and the valley and peaks of the streets 
And day to day hustle. It also comes with the "whipping dance " the video will be coming soon Make a play is available on iTunes, Spotify , and more,.This is a project off Skyla Mac highly anticipated mixtape Money n Violence which is set to drop Feb 12 .."In the kitchen whipping , whipping, whipping .. enjoy this project..


Eastside had a old school beat with no school lyrics as skyla mac revamp KRS's one classic bridge is over . As Skyla Mac bring this track to Newark NJ and put a brick City twist on it . Eastside is a feel good party street anthem song... As Skyla Mac serve this track on platter with fixing on the side the streets devour the platter and waiting on Money n Violence..

take me away 

Take me away ...a soulful street ballad about being taken away from the harsh realities of the hood. Skyla Mac ,Ms Kidda,lazette Wilson and house on hill ent nailed the authenticity of this project.....this a street favorite... Skyla Mac ...the future....up n coming projects. L.O.V.E.3/11/14 produced by Qua z mo ...Use me up produced by teddy beckz 4/15/14...Caught up produced by Qua z mo 5/11/14

The Transporter 

Skyla Mac is back with a timeless hit..the a fast paced hustle song a raw scripture about situations that take place in the streets from drugs to contracts Skyla Mac,Teddy Beckz and Zack Kimmel nailed this one check it out.... Up n Coming projects L.O.V.E.produce by Qua z mo 3/11/14 Use me up .produce by teddy beckz 4/15/14 Caught up .produce by Qua -z mo .5/11/14