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My Story

       Skyla Mac born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He has set his sites on changing the entire hip-hip industry. He has been a true innovator the last decade of this culture working with the likes of DJ Ran, Super Producer, Qua Z Mo, Lazette Wilson. Skyla Mac A.K.A  the Hip-hop Mac struck gold while working with local producer Teddy Becks to create "Fire Starter The Transporter" in 2015, which prompt a video.The Transporter video was released on Youtube which had over 40,000 views and the single had over 90,000 downloads on ITunes. Transporter is still one of Skyla Mac's biggest projects. The release of Hunting Season(Released May 2015), solidified Skyla Mac as a true MC and placed him in his own category.
          In 2016, Mac teamed up with  Director Meet Nells to created the new popular Youtube series, "Mac Mondays", where you can see behind the music with Skyla Mac, as he speaks about today's Hip-hop culture. Skyla Mac has created a sound and a persona that some streets crictics call Sexy Pain. His "street reality" lyrics and "smooth, poetic" flow create a vision of what true Hip-hop should be. Skyla ac's lyricism was inspired by conversations he had with a good friend, who's currently serving a life sentence. Skyla Mac's conversations with his good friend helped him to realize that there was a major disconnection between reality and rap. Today his main focus is to bring the two together. 
         Skyla Mac next move is to release the highly exclusive mixtape, "Money and Violence" and will be released February 12th, 2017. The Hip Hop Mac has rocked many successful stage performances through out the years, at venues such as Club Cache , Club Flight, and Brick City Summer Jam, 
just to name a few. Skyla Mac's  highly anticipated mixtape, MONEY N VIOLENCE, have street critics on the edge of their seat .
  Skyla Mac recently dropped a video from the project called "Its ON". This video directed by "Meet Nells", also featured "Keisha Renee" of Hot 99.1, also well known stunt man 'Ward Benoit' .This video received over 60,000 views and tons of good reviews from the the streets. Skyla Mac, is a rising star from  Newark New Jersey, on his way to greatness.
          Releasing a new single called "Make A Play" which is on iTunes now, shows that Skyla Mac has no intention of slowing down. He has seen beyond being solo artist and formed a super hip hop group called UG. What once started as a real street gang transformed to UG into a hip-hop group due to Skyla Mac and his positive out look on life. UG is set to drop New Music this Year as well and shows critics that they are a force to be reckon with on their own. From Skyla Mac the whole UG Family, keep your eyes open, because they are quickly become a dominate force in hip-hop.