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 SKYLA MAC aka Jamil Williams born and raised in Newark, NJ, the hoodaville section, where crime and poverty dominates the area . You had to have certain instincts aka {know how to move}.... Everybody was struggling, so to hustle was necessary, Nobody had nothing so nobody gave nothing . Skyla Mac always saw his self doing something beside fighting the day to day struggles of living in Newark  So, music became his escape route. Taking these horrific stories of living in Newark, putting them over instrumentals to give you a Spielberg film on audio [MOVIE] . Skyla Mac always had the ability to make and create really good music When HE first started rapping, he teamed up with a few other talented MCs and formed a group called[ UG ]  The group released one project and separated, but Skyla Mac kept the group in motion and kept the sprit alive. He rapped in the basement for years going through trial and era, learning all the different sizes of the music business. He went to prison and all the songs he recorded before he left was gone and destroyed , YES DESTROYED.  The rap group UG was no more and all the other members felt like rapping was a waste of time AND GIVE UP . In 2013, Skyla Mac came home from prison ready to get back in the studio and record  Never the less, everyone that was apart of thAT music cycle was at different stages in life and didn't have time to devote to music  When Skyla Mac saw what was going on he respected the fact that music was no longer a love in this circle and left... [THE LEVEL UP ]... He move to Charlotte, NC and started a new music circle Things started to shift when he linked up with (his South Carolina cousin) Rashad Halley AkA 10bands , DJ Champ(a DJ from Newark, but is in Charlotte, NC), and went in the studio AND dropPED  the mixtape" Get Right or Get Left". It went crazy in the streets!!!!! 30,ooo gone first 3 weeks..Now, SKYLA MAC has high anticipation for his latest up-n-coming release“MACTOBER"..set to drop October 2018. Since then, Skyla Mac soars to heights his peers weren’t expecting , He caused a major hip hop splash with a single called, "Fly Women Only”, which aired on World Star Hip Hop racking in a whopping 10,000,000 views in a short month. [WHOA]  This project took Skyla Mac from a nigga trying to rap to getting rappers respect. The hip hop Gods have been blessing Skyla Mac for his dedication, He landed a spot on power 105.1 with DJ SELF!!!…..He delivered a stellar performance that really impressed DJ SELF.  DJ SELF was  impressed by the fact that Skyla Mac really delivered a LIVE freestyle in real time. [ in only ONE TAKE]!!!!! See, the radio station give the artist the option of going live or pre recording. Most artist pick to pre record because it gives them time to sharpen their swords, but not Skyla Mac! He went live like the heart beat! See, when you become hip hop, you can showcase it at any given moment and Skyla Mac took full advantage of the power 105.1 moment.  Linking up with DJ KAY SLAY took his rap to a whole another level. ....DJ KAY SLAY saw potential in Skyla Mac and wanted to help him navigate his way to the right MCs that would embrace his style of rap.  DJ KAY SLAY INVITED SKYLA MAC UP TO THE RADIO STATION SHADE 45 FOR A LIVE INTERVIEW , THE INTERVIEW WENT GREAT " FLY WOMEN ONLY STOLEN THE SHOW AND CONVERSATION....Skyla Mac, Reakwon, and Sheek Louch hooked up creating a song called NO 401K and the song hit #1!! ! thats right !!!! #1 .Fans and media are lined up for his next album release “MACTOBER”….This project is a strong heavy peace of hip hop history...yes sir, history!...and the features on this project are crazy!!!…Uncle Murda, Maino, Young Martez, Bun B, Sheek Louch , Raekwon, …….  [ SKYLA MAC QUOTE ] '' THE BEST TIME TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF IS WHEN EVERYBODY ELSE DONT'' 


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